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How does the website analyzer work?
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Enter any URL into the form above and our tool will scan it performing over 50 white hat SEO checks and then provide you with an in-depth review of the website in the areas of Performance, SEO, and Best Practices.

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Find and fix technical problems that keep you from ranking.

Our website grader is the only website analyzer designed for the adult industry – our test includes a 2257 check and an RTA compliance check to ensure your adult site meets current social standards.

My site failed the RTA header check, how can I fix that?

Check out this guide from which will walk you through the process of adding the label to your site.

Have a WordPress powered website? Use our handy RTA plugin to activate add the RTA header to all pages on your site. Just download the plugin and activate – this is by far the easiest way to add to label your adult wordpress site as restricted to adults.

More Free SEO Tools

Here is a list of additional SEO tools that can be used for free:

Check My Links BuildingIf you do Broken Link Building (or The Moving Man Method), then you’ll love Check My Links. With a click of a button, this Chrome extension quickly checks any webpage for broken links.Paul Livingstone (Developer)
Domain Hunter Plus BuildingDomain Hunter Plus is similar to Check My Links. But this tool also checks to see if the broken link’s domain is available for registration. Cool feature in theory…but I rarely find any free domain names with this tool. That’s because authoritative domains tend to get scooped up pretty quickly. Still a helpful tool for broken link building or The Moving Man Method though.Joe Ford (Managing Partner)
Link Prospecting Query Builder BuildingHere’s how this tool works. First, enter a keyword. Then, choose a type of link you want (for example, guest posts). Finally, hit “submit”. The Link Prospecting Query Builder will spit out search strings you can use to find link opportunities.
LinkMiner BuildingCheck My Links on steroids. Like many tools, LinkMiner check for broken links on a page. But this free Chrome extension also shows you how many links the broken link has pointing to it. Uber helpful for broken link building. Cool Feature: LinkMiner shows you how many outbound links a page has…on a Google SERP. That way you can zero-in on pages with lots of outbound links (and therefore, broken link building opportunities).Jon Cooper (Founder Hyperlynx Media)
Siege Media Embed Code Generator BuildingMy favorite infographic embed code generator. I really like how you can specify the dimensions of the embed code box.Ross Hudgens (Founder/CEO)
Wordtracker Scout ResearchWordtracker scout is a very cool (free) Chrome extension that finds keywords within a piece of content.You simply need to head over to an article, click the “W” button and the tool will scan the page for keyword ideas.Mike and Andy Mindel
Zadroweb SEO Auditor SEO, Content OptimizationA free SEO auditor that provides a high-level SEO overview of your site.Dario Zadro (Web Strategist / CEO)
Bing Webmaster Tools SEO, Keyword ResearchAs you might expect from Bing, Bing Webmaster Tools is good…but not nearly as good as Google Search Console. But if Bing is important to you, this tool tells you everything you need to know about your site’s visibility in Bing. Cool Feature: Bing has a surprisingly good keyword research tool (see image below). And it can hand you keywords that the GKP will NEVER reveal.Microsoft
Browseo SEOA nifty tool that reveals how a search engines spider sees your site. If you check out the screenshot below you’ll notice that search engine spiders get a very different view of our websites than us humans do.ilscipio (developer team)
Google Analytics SEOIf you’re serious about SEO, you need to use Google Analytics. Enough said. Cool Feature: Go to “Acquisition” –>”Search Engine Optimization”–> Landing Pages. This will bring up the pages on your site that get the most impressions and clicks from Google. Look at the CTR field to see your pages that get the best click-throughrate. Finally, apply elements from those title and description tags to pages that get a bad CTR. And watch your organic traffic move on up.Google
Google Mobile-Friendly Test SEOGoogle recently started to downrank sites that aren’t mobile friendly. But how do you know if a page on your site is up to snuff? Just enter the URL into the Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool…and you’ll get a simple “yes/no” answer from Big G.Google
Google PageSpeed Insights SEOYou know Google uses your site’s loading speed as a ranking factor. Well Google PageSpeed insights tells you whether or not Google sees your site as lightning-fast or snail-slow. It also hands you actionable suggestions that you can use to speed things up.Google
Google Search Console SEO, Rank TrackingGoogle Search Console is a suite of helpful tools straight from Google. You can see if you have duplicate meta data, how many pages you have indexed, security issues and more. Cool feature: Go to “Search Traffic”—>”Search Analytics” to get a list of keywords that you currently rank for. Sort by “Position” so that your #1 rankings are at the top. Then scroll down until you find where you rank #10-#25 in Google’s search results. These are pages that you can sometimes push to page 1 with some extra SEO love (for example, pointing a few internal links to that page).Google
GTmetrix SEOGoogle Page Speed Insights checks your site’s code. GTmetrix actually loads your site. When I want to judge my site’s real loading speed, I always defer to GTmetrix. It also gives you recommendations for getting your site up to speed (literally) (developer)
Map Broker XML Sitemap Validator SEOA helpful (free) tool that makes sure you have a valid sitemap. The XML Sitemap Validator also double checks that the links in your sitemap work.Michael King (FOUNDER AND MANAGING DIRECTOR)
Microdata Generator SEOThe Microdata Generator makes creating local SEO schema markup a breeze. This is perfect if you’re a local business (or have local SEO clients). Just enter your basic biz info (like address, phone number, opening hours etc.) and you’re set.Steven Ferrino
Open SEO Stats SEO, Content OptimizationA nifty Chrome extension that gives you fistfuls of helpful info with the push of a button. You can see a site’s Alexa ranking, indexed pages, page speed, whois, on page SEO…the list goes on and on.
Panguin Tool SEOWondering if your site got dinged by Panda, Penguin or another Google penalty? The outstanding Panguin Tool will help you get to the bottom of it. Just link up Panguin with your Google Analytics and the tool will show if your organic traffic dip happened at the same time as a major Google update.Henry Lewington CEO & MD
Plugin SEO SEO, Content OptimizationA fast and free on-page SEO analysis tool. Provides recommendations to patch up any issues your page has.Daniel Sim (Pemberton Rank Founder, CEO)
Referral Ghost Spam Removal Tool SEOIs referral “ghost spam” messing up your Google Analytics data? Well this free tool quickly filters out spam bots by creating a segment in GA that ignores traffic from spammy websites.ADAM STEELE (LOGANIX FOUNDER & CEO)
Rel Nofollow Checkbox SEOThis WordPress plugin lets you easily set links on your site as “nofollow”.Fabio Santos
SEO & Website Analysis (WooRank) SEO, Content OptimizationThis free Chrome extension gives you important SEO info from within your browser. Just click a button and the SEO & Website Analysis by WooRank analyzes your page’s basic SEO metrics (like title tags that are too long). But the tool also hooks you up with other helpful info (like whether your site is mobile optimized and how fast it loads). Technical SEO Freemium Technical SEO, Content Optimization Free Brian’s Favorite 37 Yes, you can use this extension for your own site. But in experience this tool is even better for competitor analysis because it shows you the site’s Facebook and Twitter pages, what technology they’re using on their site, and traffic estimates…all from within your browser.Louis Schmidt
Varvy SEO Tool SEOA clean and easy-to-use site audit tool. You just need to a URL and Varvy spits out a bunch of helpful info in seconds. Specifically, you’ll see your site’s technical SEO issues, social shares, recent Twitter and Facebook mentions, external links and more.Patrick Sexton
Website Penalty Indicator SEOWondering whether or not you got slapped by a Google Penalty? Well Website Penalty Indicator can give you some much-needed insight. The tool lines up your organic traffic with dates of Google penalties…like “Mobilegeddon” and the Phantom update.Thomas Smale
AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator ResearchIf you’re looking for a way to discover new keywords, try mashing a bunch of words together and see what happens. (I’m not kidding) Creating keyword permutations is a classic Adwords tactic that few people in SEO use. And the Dan Zambonini permutation tool is one of the best keyword combo tools that I’ve tried.Dan Zambonini
Answer The Public ResearchAnswer The Public combines Google Autosuggest scraping with a question scraper. So if you want to know what questions your target audience types into Google, just pop the keyword into Answer The Public and you’ll get a hefty list.Gary Preston (Founder & MD at
Google Correlate ResearchAn underrated keyword research tool that comes straight from Google. Google Correlate is really simple: It shows you keywords that tend to get searched for together. For example, let’s say you pop “gluten free” into the tool. Google Correlate tells you that people searching for “gluten free” also search for “cheese gluten free” and “flour gluten free”. Very cool.Google
Google Keyword Planner ResearchThe Google Keyword Planner is the only keyword tool that gives you data straight from the horse’s mouth. Cool feature: The GKP tells you how likely someone searching for that keyword will buy something from you. How? Look at the “competition” and “estimated bid” columns. If the “competition” and “estimated bid” are high, you probably have a keyword that converts well. I put more weight on this than straight-up search volume. After all, who wants a bunch of tire kickers coming to their site?Google
Google Trends ResearchI ALWAYS check Google Trends before pulling the trigger on a keyword. Why? Because I want to know whether or not my keyword is getting more (or less) popular. If you skip this step you risk optimizing your page around a dying keyword. Cool Feature: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and check out “Queries”. These are related keywords that you can pop into the GKP to see if they’re a good fit.Google
Seed Keywords ResearchLet’s face it: Most people enter seed keywords into the Google Keyword Planner that they pluck out of thin air. But with this free SEO tool you can find out what people actually type into search boxes. How? Just create a scenario and ask people what they would search for in that situation. For example, I created a scenario “How would you search for a hotel in Paris?”. You can see the results in the screenshot below. You can even export the list as a CSV file.Dave Robinson
SEO Book’s Free SEO Tools SEO, Keyword Research, Content OptimizationSEO Book has a set of helpful SEO tools that focus on technical SEO and keyword research. I especially like their “Keyword Suggestion” gadget. Super easy to use and gives you all the info you need quickly (like monthly search volume, suggested bid etc.).Aaron Wall
Soovle ResearchSoolve is a free tool that pulls autocomplete suggestions from a handful of different sources like Google, YouTube, Amazon, and Wikipedia.Matt
Suggestion Keyword Finder ResearchA suprisingly helpful free keyword brainstorming tool. I’m not 100% sure how it works, but it spit out quite a few unique keywords when I tested it. Make sure to check “Level 3” so that you get access to the largest list of keywords.Jim Boykin, CEO
UberSuggest ResearchThis was the first tool that scraped Google Autocomplete data. And it still gets the job doneNeil Patel
Wordstream’s Free Keyword Tools ResearchEven though Wordstream’s free keyword tools are made for Adwords, their set of free tools are helpful for uncovering keywords for your SEO campaigns. Cool Feature: “Keyword Niche Finder” mashes a bunch of keywords together. When I tested this feature I noticed a handful of keywords that weren’t in any of the other keyword research tools I tried.Howard Kogan
Search Latte SEO, Rank TrackingWant to see the search results for, or any of the other 150+ international Googles? Look no further than Search Latte. Just enter your keyword, pick an international version of Google, and you’ll see that country’s search results. No proxies or VPNs needed.Clever Biscuit & Cellardoor Design.
QuickSprout Website Analyzer SEO, Content OptimizationThe QuickSprout tool is an extremely helpful website analysis tool. Just connect your Google Analytics with the tool and it’ll analyze your site’s SEO visibility, social shares, web page loading speed, and more. Also provides actionable recommendations and downloadable reports.Neil Patel
SEOptimer SEO, Content OptimizationIf you want a quick-and-dirty look at your content’s on-page SEO, give SEOptimer a try. This free tool quickly analyzes your page and lets you know if there are any issues (like missing image alt text and broken links) that might be holding you back from page 1.
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