Which hosting plan to choose for video streaming?

If you are planning on steaming video on your site and you also plan on having large amounts of traffic on your site we do not recommend our shared hosting plans as they will likely not meet your needs. The maximum I/O speed on shared hosting plans is about 2MB/second. For most websites that plan to stream video we recommend our VPS or dedicated server hosting plans.  You can always start with a VPS server then upgrade to a dedicated as your traffic grows.

An alternative option that we often recommend to clients is the use of an adult CDN for videos in combination with our shared hosting plans.  This approach allows you to keep your costs down, scale easily when your traffic grows and is a cheaper setup than our adult VPS plans.

If your just embedding a handful of videos onto your site, you can also utilize a service like: https://openload.co/ to handle the video hosting for you – Open load is adult content friendly but they do abide to DMCA takedown notices so make sure you own what your sharing.

Another affordable option is Clouflare Stream – simplified on-demand video streaming – bundles storage, transcoding, distribution and playback in an easy-to-use solution that lets you stream high quality videos anywhere.