What is offshore Web Hosting?

Offshore hosting is nothing more than the concept of hosting your website, data or application at a data center location that is not your current physical origin. Offshore hosting is often associated with the need to host or promote things that are illegitimate, forbidden or banned in the origin countries.

Another popular reason people look for off shore hosting is to take advantage of hopefully less stringent DMCA (“Digital Millennium Copyright Act” of 1998) take down enforcement as the DMCA is a United States law, and therefore less weight may be placed on the request when received by overseas providers.

Example of Off Shore hosting: If your located in India but choose to locate your website files in Amsterdam (in an effort to avoid India’s restrictions on pornography distribution) that would be an example of off-shore hosting.

We have data centers world wide, including the DMCA friendly location of Amsterdam – if your interested in offshore hosting, we got you covered.