How much would an adult webcam website cost to make?

As with most things in the adult hosting world – there is not a straight forward answer to this question as there are many ways to build an adult webcam site. There is the free route which isn’t actually free it’s rev share but is an ideal way to get started in the webcam business because it allows you to focus on creating content and and building your community and its an option that is available to both studios and models. As your following grows you are likely to find that the free personal site can become limiting and as your following grows you will also hit a point where it just makes sense to open your own merchant account and no longer be tied to the free rev sharing site.

When your ready to move past the free site rev share model the next step is to own your own webcam script that runs on your own server and at this point you have many different options available:

1. Run a WordPress Powered Website using software like video whisper to handle the chat rooms and web cam broadcasting. You can start with a managed hosting plan and scale your hosting as your business grows. If your a do-it-your selfer this route could cost as little as $620 to start (Domain name, WordPress Hosting, Video Whisper License, Free theme, you put the site together) and after the first year the cost would be less as you already own the software license and don’t need to repurchase.

2. An alternative option would be to use an adult web cam software like – the price is $100 less than the first route but using this option makes customization more difficult as you no longer have a user friendly content management system available.

3. Another alternative option would be to use software like’s xCams – it is priced at $699 but jumps up to $1499 if you want to include an Android or IOS app. In addition to the software you also need hosting and a domain name.

There are other ways to make an adult webcam site, like white labeling or custom coding but we don’t necessarily recommend either of these routes for most situations.