Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you offer any type of money back guarantee or refund policy?

Yes.  We want your experience with us to be hassle free, and there is no better way to relieve hassle than to let you try our service and cancel within the the terms if your not satisfied.  Check out the terms of our money back guarantee.

What is Adult Managed WordPress Hosting?

Adult Managed WordPress is our highly optimized hosting platform.  We refer to it as managed as we handle the basic hosting administrative tasks, like daily backups, WP core updates, and server level caching.  The benefits of this system means that your adult WordPress Website will deliver content to your users lighting fast and when your site gets a traffic spike you can rest assured knowing that you have the infrastructure in place to handle it.

Benefits of our platform:

  • Performance-enhancing caching
  • Automatic Core updates
  • Automatic daily backups (Stored for 30 or 90 days depending on specific plan)
  • Enhanced security by restricting file access
  • SFTP and PHPmyadmin access


  • Managed WordPress does not support WordPress MU/Multisite
  • Managed WordPress does not come with a standard hosting control panel
    • WordPress uses wp-cron which acts as a virtual cron job, or scheduled task in order to automate things like publishing scheduled posts, checking for plugin or theme updates, sending email notifications and more.

What is the cheapest adult hosting company?

When your taking the time to choose your adult hosting provider, price should be one of the options that you look at, but should not be the only deciding factor. The cheapest hosting plan that we offer at Adult Web Host is our Adult Cpanel Starter which costs $2.99 a month. Add in a domain name and then use our promo code 15OFFAWH and the total cost of your adult website is less than $50 per year and you can rest assured that when you want or need to scale, the process will be simple and easy. At Adult Web Host, our goal is to provide worry free adult hosting, so you can focus on your business.

What adult web hosting provider do you recommend?

Obviously we recommend Adult Web Host1, and for good reason. We have an awesome infrastructure that has data centers located all around the world including Amsterdam and Singapore. We have lightning fast servers with SSD memory and we have 23/7 premium support. We can take care of everything your adult website needs including: domain name, hosting, email, SSL, online storage and more.

Can I host adult content on GoDaddy?

Yes. But truthfully why would you want to?

We have everything your need to start your adult website – Don’t trust your adult website to a “REGULAR” hosting company. Experience the difference a specialized “ADULT” hosting company can make! New adult webmasters are always welcome.

What is the best month by month adult web hosting server?

That answer really depends on a lot of things and truthfully the answer will not be the same for everyone. Your needs will vary greatly for a paysite than it will for a video site or adult blog – That is why we offer hosting plans for adult webmasters of all sizes and skill levels.

Check out the many different plans that we offer and remember to use promo code: 15OFFAWH to receive 15% off your order!

What is offshore Web Hosting?

Offshore hosting is nothing more than the concept of hosting your website, data or application at a data center location that is not your current physical origin. Offshore hosting is often associated with the need to host or promote things that are illegitimate, forbidden or banned in the origin countries.

Another popular reason people look for off shore hosting is to take advantage of hopefully less stringent DMCA (“Digital Millennium Copyright Act” of 1998) take down enforcement as the DMCA is a United States law, and therefore less weight may be placed on the request when received by overseas providers.

Example of Off Shore hosting: If your located in India but choose to locate your website files in Amsterdam (in an effort to avoid India’s restrictions on pornography distribution) that would be an example of off-shore hosting.

We have data centers world wide, including the DMCA friendly location of Amsterdam – if your interested in offshore hosting, we got you covered.

What are the world’s largest hosting companies?

Glad you asked – below are the hosting companies with the most clients worldwide:

1.GoDaddy – 16.08% Market Share
2.Amazon Web Services (AWS) – 3.98% Market Share
3.1&1 – 3.52% Market Share
4.HostGator – 2.70% Market Share – 2.49% Market Share
6.BlueHost – 2.49% Market Share
7.Google Cloud Platform – 2.09% Market Share
8.Squarespace – 1.88% Market Share
9.Hetzner Online – 1.58% Market Share
10.Cogeco Peer 1.3% Market Share
Source: Global Web Hosting Market Share Jan 2019

While Adult Web Host is not one of the largest hosting companies on the planet – there are plenty of reasons to choose us. From our worldwide infrastructure to our 24/7 support our goal is to take the hassle and worry out of hosting so you can focus on growing your business.

Which is the best adult hosting provider for viral websites?

As if you really have to ask that question… Look around, you have found the website of the #1 adult hosting provider! Feel free to browse our wide variety of hosting plans: Adult Cpanel, Adult VPS, Adult WordPress, & Adult Dedicated Servers.

What do you think about adult dedicated server hosting?

We think adult dedicated servers are great and are happy to talk with anyone who is interested in utilizing our servers.

With our top notch infrastructure you will have resources that are ready in minutes, flexible plans designed to grow, and your choice of Management Levels, all on your single-tenant VM.

Find out more about our adult dedicated hosting plans.

Which is the best web hosting platform for adult ecommerce websites?

The truthful answer to this question is: it depends. However, for a majority of the people we speak with our Adult Managed WordPress Plans + Woocommerce (free) and the Woocommerce CC Bill plugin (free) and you have a rock solid, affordable infrastructure that is not only adult friendly but also designed to scale and grow with you.

Find out more about starting an adult eCommerce website.

How do adult sites practice SEO?

Adult sites practice search engine optimization in the same way as every other site on the internet. The keywords for your website will be different than most sites, and your content will also be unique in its own right, but overall the way you practice SEO for an adult website is no different than any other website.

Adult Website SEO Guide

Here is an additional helpful resource to get you started on the right foot:

How much would an adult webcam website cost to make?

As with most things in the adult hosting world – there is not a straight forward answer to this question as there are many ways to build an adult webcam site. There is the free route which isn’t actually free it’s rev share but is an ideal way to get started in the webcam business because it allows you to focus on creating content and and building your community and its an option that is available to both studios and models. As your following grows you are likely to find that the free personal site can become limiting and as your following grows you will also hit a point where it just makes sense to open your own merchant account and no longer be tied to the free rev sharing site.

When your ready to move past the free site rev share model the next step is to own your own webcam script that runs on your own server and at this point you have many different options available:

1. Run a WordPress Powered Website using software like video whisper to handle the chat rooms and web cam broadcasting. You can start with a managed hosting plan and scale your hosting as your business grows. If your a do-it-your selfer this route could cost as little as $620 to start (Domain name, WordPress Hosting, Video Whisper License, Free theme, you put the site together) and after the first year the cost would be less as you already own the software license and don’t need to repurchase.

2. An alternative option would be to use an adult web cam software like – the price is $100 less than the first route but using this option makes customization more difficult as you no longer have a user friendly content management system available.

3. Another alternative option would be to use software like’s xCams – it is priced at $699 but jumps up to $1499 if you want to include an Android or IOS app. In addition to the software you also need hosting and a domain name.

There are other ways to make an adult webcam site, like white labeling or custom coding but we don’t necessarily recommend either of these routes for most situations.

What is the best tactic for doing Adult SEO?

The best tactic for doing adult Search engine optimization is to follow Google’s best practices and give the searcher what they are looking for and in terms of adult SEO, you should do fine. Now there is certainly a benefit to optimizing your website content but keep it clean, don’t look for black hat get rich schemes and you will be on the right path. In addition to on-site (page) optimization, make sure you put just as much effort into link building as the benefits of a good link can be ground breaking.

Here are some helpful resources to get you started on the right foot with adult SEO:

How do I make a very cheap adult website?

The absolute cheapest way to make an adult website is to find a good sponsor, purchase a domain name and point that domain name to one of the sponsors landing pages.  As the landing page is likely to be professionally designed, updated, and basically designed to convert – you basically have your own adult website done on the cheap.

If your looking for a little bit more control but are still trying to keep the cost to a minimum, our starter adult cpanel hosting plan starts at $3 a month add in a domain name and your total costs are less than $50 per year.  With this hosting plan your likely creating an information or brochure style adult website that points to various online links but remember at this point you now own your domain and can now start building your brand not someone else’s.

Don’t forget – use promo code: 15OFFAWH to get 15% off your order!

Is there a minimum age to buy a domain name?

Technically you should be of legal age to form a contract in order to establish a proper agreement with your hosting company but this would only come into play if the domain is ever involved in a legal dispute.

Is a hosting server important for improving an SEO ranking?

A hosting server can play a vital role in your websites SEO ranking as website speed is a ranking factor.  Having a fast server can make unoptimized code run lighting fast but a fast server is not the only factor that goes into your search engine rankings, just one of many.

Do you offer an affiliate program?

Not at this time but an affiliate program is something that we have in our road map.

We are also planning on providing reseller services in the future as well.

What is the difference between and

There are many differences between and – the core of the software is the same but what you can do with the different setups are night and day.  The infographic below does a nice job of outlining the details – learn more about the adult hosting plans that we offer here.

differences between and infographic

Do you offer Adult Blog Hosting?

Yes.  Our popular adult WordPress hosting plans work perfect for adult blog hosting but you are certainly not limited to just using WP if your planning on building an adult blog – check out all of our adult hosting plans here.

Which hosting plan to choose for video streaming?

If you are planning on steaming video on your site and you also plan on having large amounts of traffic on your site we do not recommend our shared hosting plans as they will likely not meet your needs. The maximum I/O speed on shared hosting plans is about 2MB/second. For most websites that plan to stream video we recommend our VPS or dedicated server hosting plans.  You can always start with a VPS server then upgrade to a dedicated as your traffic grows.

An alternative option that we often recommend to clients is the use of an adult CDN for videos in combination with our shared hosting plans.  This approach allows you to keep your costs down, scale easily when your traffic grows and is a cheaper setup than our adult VPS plans.

If your just embedding a handful of videos onto your site, you can also utilize a service like: to handle the video hosting for you – Open load is adult content friendly but they do abide to DMCA takedown notices so make sure you own what your sharing.

Another affordable option is Clouflare Stream – simplified on-demand video streaming – bundles storage, transcoding, distribution and playback in an easy-to-use solution that lets you stream high quality videos anywhere.

What are the US Federal Laws that Govern Adult Websites?

The only US federal law governing adult websites is statute 18 U.S.C. 2257 – which requires producers of any adult material to retain records showing that all performers were over the age of 18 at the time of the production.

It is common (and recommended) practice to add this disclaimer on adult websites and other forms of media when applicable.

Have a question not found here? Send us a message or give us a call at 800-368-1169